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Materials Choices


Timber is a versatile material that we use in many of our building designs. It can be used for structural elements, screens, ceiling treatment, joinery, walls and decorative finishes. Choosing locally sourced and ethically supplied timber is critical in making sustainability a priority in the project.

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T House

T House sustainability

T House

In keeping with overarching sustainability goals for the homeowner, it was important that T House built less and gave more.

The existing fabric was retained and in an effort to minimise demolition and waste, the intention was to repair and restore where possible.


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Award Winner

2023 AIA award - Qld

Winner - The Jennifer Taylor Award for Educational Architecture (Qld)

We are honoured to receive The Jennifer Taylor Award for Educational Architecture for 2023 for Cannon Hill Anglican College D Block. Thank you to our client, CHAC and all the people who were involved with the creation of this building. Thank you to the AIA State jury who took the time to visit and award our project. We also acknowledge the other projects in this category who were recognised.

CHAC D Block

Na House stage 2 render

The beginning, the middle and now

NA House - the beginning, the middle and now

The beginning

The existing house was extensively damaged during the 2011 Brisbane floods. The project entailed raising the existing house above the flood level and repairing the flood damage. The brief was also to review the overall design of the house and extend it to provide flexible and adaptive spaces. The aim was to create a design that engaged physically and visually with the backyard and adjacent parkland.

na house preliminary site visit
na house initial site
na house initial site
na house preliminary site visit

Completed in 2014, the renovations provided the client with the increased space they needed and added a level of flood resilience to their home. The raised under-croft space is adaptable and made the clean up process after the 2022 Brisbane floods reasonably straightforward. 

The rear addition to the building is orientated north-east and helps achieve the goal of engaging visually with the backyard.

The middle

And now ...

The recently completed additions expand on the living areas of the house, giving the owners additional living and entertainment areas. This achieves the original goals of engaging physically and visually with the backyard whilst respecting the need for the spaces to be flood resilient.

Na House stage 2 render
Na House stage 2 render
Na House stage 2 render
Na House stage 2 render

the shoreline

The Shoreline | Luxury Retirement Living

The Shoreline | Luxury Retirement Living

Situated in the heart of Coffs Harbour, The Shoreline provides luxury retirement living and premium residential aged care. Working with the team at the Bachrach Naumburger Group, the project has extended over a number of buildings including the Residential Care Facility, the Pavilion and luxury independent senior living residences (99 luxury apartments and villas). In addition, the project has incorporated a community hub – with a pool, on-site cafe and the Bombora Bar.

We are particularly proud of the work our team has done in helping to bring this project to life.

reduce reuse recycle

Sustainability Strategies part 6

Sustainability is important to everyone at Reddog. We firmly believe that our environment is fragile and now is the time to address some of the sustainability challenges that face us all.

To help communicate how we can all make a difference, we have created a series of articles introducing and discussing how sustainability choices can be incorporated into design choices.

Part 6 of series looks at how the idea of “reduce, reuse and recycle” is as relevant to construction choices as to other environmental situations.

Being carbon neutral

Being carbon neutral

Our on-going commitment

Being carbon neutral – what we are doing

  • Reddog will continue to hold purchasing energy efficient options in the forefront of decision marking, when upgrading infrastructure in the office
  • Printing and stationery made up 11% of emissions according to our latest report from Pangolin. To help reduce emissions we commit to 
    • Avoid unnecessary printing. 
    • Printing be default should be black and white and 2 sided.
    • Only print the pages needed – think about what is being printed.
    • Reddog will continue to purchase stationery, where possible, that supports our sustainability ethos. 
    • Reducing printing and stationery costs should be an achievable goal for RA. Are you doing all you can to help reach this target?
  • Electronic equipment made up 9.5% of emissions. 
    • We are committed to reducing emissions in this area.
  • All our electricity emissions are carbon neutral as RA pays, in addition to our electricity tariffs, for 100% green power.  This means that an equal amount of renewable energy to what we use is added to the electricity grid on our behalf.

However we should still be taking steps to reduce our electricity usage.  

    • This includes turning off the boardroom television when meetings are finished.
    • Turning off computers at the end of each day.
    • Turning off lights when leaving. This includes ensuring the light in the basement is off for basement users.

Find our more about sustainability at Reddog

Our journey to becoming carbon neutral

Sustainability at Reddog

Our journey to carbon neutral

Our three step journey has been to

(1) convert to 100% green power,

(2) conduct a carbon audit,

(3) go carbon neutral.

Read more about sustainability at Reddog

Reimagining Brisbane's Homes

Reddog in the Press

‘Like a Meccano set’: how architects are reimagining Brisbane’s homes to survive future flooding

Maddie Thomas, The Guardian

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Welcome Sam!

Sam is particularly interested in the link between environmental sustainability and architectural identity.

Sam completed his Bachelor of Architecture at Griffith University, and his Masters of Architecture from the Abedian School of Architecture at Bond University.

Outside of work, Sam can be found working on AJAR … a zine which explores themes of art, design, the built environment, and cultural discourse with a focus on regional reflection of creatives practicing on Kombumerri & Bundjalung country.AJAR:

Sam Cutajar