Building for Children - Contrast and Texture

Whether you are planning to open a new childcare centre or looking at renovating existing centres there are a number of concepts that are worth keeping in mind.

Creating an environment that sparks a child’s interest goes a long way towards encouraging their learning; inviting them to discover and explore as they play.

In our experience, in creating a kindergarten or a childcare centre, there are a number of design ideas that help encourage and motivate learning experiences for everyone in that space. Incorporating contrast and texture into the childcare environment provides the children with different tactile experiences. They are encouraged to explore ideas of shapes, and the ideas of big and small, high and low.

Dayboro Kindergarten - Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane

In designing Dayboro Kindergarten, warm, natural materials such as plywood and marmoleum provided the interior with a similar hospitable and domestic atmosphere. The fresh, lively colour palette was designed to appeal to the children. Contrasting the smooth, bright materials such as laminate and marmoleum against the natural textures of plywood and concrete resulted in an environment that offers the children visual interest managing to be both playful and completely functional.