Being carbon neutral

Our on-going commitment

Being carbon neutral – what we are doing

  • Reddog will continue to hold purchasing energy efficient options in the forefront of decision marking, when upgrading infrastructure in the office
  • Printing and stationery made up 11% of emissions according to our latest report from Pangolin. To help reduce emissions we commit to 
    • Avoid unnecessary printing. 
    • Printing be default should be black and white and 2 sided.
    • Only print the pages needed – think about what is being printed.
    • Reddog will continue to purchase stationery, where possible, that supports our sustainability ethos. 
    • Reducing printing and stationery costs should be an achievable goal for RA. Are you doing all you can to help reach this target?
  • Electronic equipment made up 9.5% of emissions. 
    • We are committed to reducing emissions in this area.
  • All our electricity emissions are carbon neutral as RA pays, in addition to our electricity tariffs, for 100% green power.  This means that an equal amount of renewable energy to what we use is added to the electricity grid on our behalf.

However we should still be taking steps to reduce our electricity usage.  

    • This includes turning off the boardroom television when meetings are finished.
    • Turning off computers at the end of each day.
    • Turning off lights when leaving. This includes ensuring the light in the basement is off for basement users.
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