Sustainability Action Plan SAP
Reddog SAP (Sustainability Action Plan)

At Reddog Architects, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions for our practice and for all our designs. We have prepared our SAP (Sustainability Action Plan)  to support and guide our practices in this area. As signatories to the Architects Declare movement, we are proudly working to investigate and implement the ten sustainability principles into our practice. In addition to the ten principles, we are committed to becoming more educated about how we can better understand and embrace Indigenous Design Principles.

We have committed to reviewing and reflecting on our actions outlined in this SAP on an annual basis.

The Architects Declare movement provides a frame work of progress as measured against the goals of the movement. We believe, in the majority of areas, we are meeting the ‘extend’ level of sustainability in our operations. As we continuously strive to ensure our operations and our projects align with the principles, we are aiming to meet the criteria for the ‘amplify’ category by the end of 2023.

Reddog SAP