Sustainability is important to everyone at Reddog. We firmly believe that our environment is fragile and now is the time to solve some of sustainability challenges that face us all.

To help communicate how we can all make a difference, we have created (and continue to create) a series of articles introducing and discussing how sustainability can be achieved in architecture.

Part 5 of our series on sustainability strategies looks at concrete and brick as materials choices.

Sustainability in Action

CHAC D Block

Working in conjunction with the College’s masterplan, the new building is a high-profile location for the campus and forms a critical connection for the linear journey from Prep to Year 12.

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NA House

This Brisbane residential project emerged from the optimistic approach of a young couple whose Fairfield home was severely damaged in the 2011 Queensland Floods. The owners were determined to find a greater opportunity in the renovation process than a generic raise and restore approach would afford them.

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