Claudia Levick

Architectural Assistant

For Claudia, an early exposure to art translated into a passion for design, architecture and creative thinking. Claudia graduated from QUT’s Bachelor of Architecture in 2020 with a second major in Interior Design. Her choice of second major fostered a holistic approach to perspective of architecture that considers both the interior and exterior as equal.

Passionate about concept based design, Claudia aims to use this approach to explore how architecture can contribute to the fabric of its context, by considering the environment, history and people. She cares deeply about the inclusivity of design and has an ambition to nurture the relationship between people and the environment.

Before returning to university to complete her master’s degree, Claudia hopes to learn all she can from her colleagues, whilst continuing to savour the diversity of work her role at Reddog affords.

Outside of work, when she is not visiting GOMA or a local nursery ,she spends her time tending to her Bonsai, playing social netball and discussing artists with anyone who is willing. Some of her favourites are Del Kathryn Barton, Gordon Bennett and Frida Kahlo.


Qualifications / Accreditations

Australian Institute of Architects – Affiliate

Bachelor of Architecture – QUT