Ethan Klose

Architectural Assistant

Growing up in Brisbane, Ethan has developed a profound sensibility to the unique climatic, environmental and architectural responses that has made the city a special place. He believes that in some way this has informed his love of the profession, and his ideas, style and expression for design.

Ethan believes that architecture is a formative tool that can be harnessed by designers to shape the future of our urban and natural ecosystem. He cares passionately for people and the environment, and one day hopes to be making a change in the world around him; just like those he looks up to. Through his work he hopes to inspire others after him to carry forward this same philosophy.

But for now, Ethan endlessly looks to expand his horizons within the profession and create change in smaller ways, both in and out of architecture.

Qualifications / Accreditations

Bachelor of Architecture – QUT