466 Ann Street


466 Ann Street is a boutique hotel occupying a slice of empty space on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD. The site is bounded by a diverse mix of historic character buildings and contemporary commercial space. 

Three key precincts were identified surrounding the site, informing important sight lines and contextual cues. The immediate adjacency of the St John’s Cathedral precinct, the intermediate context of Spring Hill’s iconic ‘timber and tin’ cottages and the distant views of the Brisbane River became drivers for the design.

A pedestrian laneway was expanded as a series of urban rooms containing the public functions of the hotel. These volumes were conceptually ‘carved’ from the building mass to create spaces that are both internal and external. Acknowledging the hotel lobby as an informal public space within the city, these spaces break down the traditional arrival hierarchy encouraging non-guest occupation. Natural stone, metal and timber define the material palette of the public realm, drawing references to the surrounding heritage context.