Annandale Terrace


This extension transforms a historic terrace house in Sydney’s Annandale into a lively family home. The interior spaces are designed with aspirations to inject natural light, volumetric drama and connections to the natural landscape. The forms and patterns throughout the house reference middle eastern elements derived from the memories of the owner’s time in Doha.

The existing street façade, hallway and bedrooms at the front of the property are maintained and restored. To the rear of the site a split level arrangement allows new living spaces to engage directly with an expansive external terrace with the master bedroom floating above. The internal stairs are conceived as a ‘magic carpet’ with the use of perforated metal allowing filtered light to cast geometric shadows in the spaces below. In the evenings it will become a glowing copper light feature lit from within. Soaring curved white plaster ceilings accentuate the lighting techniques. The exterior material palette of concrete, timber, brickwork and metal is echoed internally, creating a natural backdrop to the client’s collection of artworks and artefacts. The design will allow the owners to embrace a new chapter of life in their family home.