Coulson Creek Shed


Located within the rural Scenic Rim region, Coulson Creek Shed was envisioned as a retreat where the convergence of nature and communal spaces would harmonize seamlessly. The masterplan co-located the buildings on the site to create a human-scale precinct within the larger landscape. The form and materiality of the house reference agricultural sheds. Sited away from the property entry, the home intentionally turns it back to the road to provide privacy to the internal and external living spaces. Deliberate orientation of the shed towards the north captures the panoramic spectacle of Mount Greville and Coulson Creek strategically framed by carefully placed windows in the main bedroom and living room. These windows take advantage of views of the ranges, ensuring a dialogue between the family and the picturesque surroundings. An expressed portal structural with corrugated zincalume cladding references the shed typology common in the area while allowing for a more refined interior. The idea of a rural shed, however, serves as a mere façade, concealing a more cultivated interior. The planning creates simple zones while separating public and private space and allowing for playful moments. External and internal materiality is blended and industrial expression of structure is embraced internally. 

The kitchen, envisioned as the centre of the home for the family, exudes a dark palette reminiscent of charred timber, an allusion to historical bush fires and the artisanal traditions of smithing. The kitchen embraces the openness to panoramic vistas and the imperative of sanctuary from the elements during inclement seasons. The kitchen has been planned to allow someone cooking to feel like they are part of any social events. The open-plan entertaining spaces spill beyond the constraints of the façade and create connection to the landscape while allowing for flexibility in occupation whether the family has guests or is in the home alone. A clear circulation strategy has been deployed to allow the family an arrival sequence that celebrates how special it is to visit this place as well as an informal entry when they are occupying the house. The section of the house and the linear plan invite light and ventilation into the spaces.  The initial impression of the home as a simple farm shed is then transformed as the home and the surrounding landscape become connected visually, physically and in a conscious state.