DK House


DK House is located in an inner northern Brisbane suburb of pre-war timber houses, the existing house affords a northern outlook towards Eildon Hill and Wilston Hill. Typical to this era of housing, the house was elevated on timber posts and removed from the ground line and landscape. 

The core concept was to retain the existing house fabric and invert the internal planning to open the house to both the north and south. An enhanced connection between living areas and the backyard was achieved via a transitional space to the rear of the property. This opened the central core of the house to the outside, and provided enhanced sight lines to both the immediate landscape and the distant terrain. The double height internal space further enhances this experience. The intermediate space is compressed with dark flooring and a timber bulkhead which distinguishes the separate spaces allowing varied character and ambience. The pod hovers over the ground, further emphasising the landscaping and existing topography. The pod frames the adjacent large tree and landscape with a glazed operable wall to the south.

DK HOUSE- Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane
DK HOUSE- Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane

Photography: Jon Linkins