Elston Head Office


The interior design for Elston House was an opportunity to physically manifest the company’s corporate values. In consultation with the client the design team realised five key themes, identifying functional spaces that aligned to these and devising architectural techniques to imbue various spaces with these qualities.

Open plan display offices for the company’s portfolio team express honesty through the use of visual transparency and natural finishes. High quality finishes such as stone and leather, glossy and reflective metallics as well as bespoke and iconic design pieces were used to symbolise the notion of wealth building in the reception and waiting areas.

 Client meeting rooms suggest personalised service through domestic cues, warm colours and soft finishes while brighter, contrasting finishes in staff breakout areas support cooperative and collegiate relationships between peers. The seminar and boardroom symbolise Elston’s established and respected profile through the use of simple, clean geometrics and classic design pieces.Encompassing the complexities of this approach was a simple scheme defining the upper level fitout (public areas and senior staff) as distinct from the lower level spaces (staff and breakout areas). A neutral palette and non-orthogonal geometries define Level 5. In contrast Level 4 is define by orthogonal geometries and a more expressive palette.

Reddog Architects has also completed work on the building facade and entry sequence – take a look at Elston House.

Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones