Winship Shed

Jeremy and Bec wanted a small 3 bedroom home on a very small (and steep) block in the inner Brisbane suburb of Red Hill.  They were looking for a ‘suburban shed’, something simple but with great engineering to underpin the design. They were looking for a place to call home.




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Project details

Our design concept was to build a ‘jewellery box’ – a tough exterior belying a delightful soft interior. A key feature of the Winship Shed is its external façade with the striking dark metal cladding contrasting with the lighter interior. The very geometric and simple form was designed to ensure the house would not be too imposing or dominant over the street and to create a sense of mystery as to what lies within. Like a jewellery box, there is joy in entering the house and discovering the spaces and details within.

Project Leader Linton Godden’s favourite part of this Brisbane home was the simplicity of the project.  As he says “it’s this simplicity that helps to make the small elements of delight ‘pop’”. The home is private and protected from the street giving Jeremy and Bec their “Brisbane home”.