ICON, Cancer Care and Treatment Facility

ICON is a privately owned university facility building that integrates public treatment with student placements spanning oncology, rehabilitation, collaboration, and public amenity. Combining multiple research areas the new building offers critical health services to the local community as well as tenancy and specialty suite opportunities.

Located on the edge of the campuses existing heartland the building emphasises the site as a connecting node between the existing context and emerging health precincts.

Significant green spaces both within and surrounding the campus are recognised and extended via the greening of streets and primary thoroughfares culminating in a public forecourt. The court plays a crucial role in the immediate future of the site as gathering point and place of respite for the users of the building.

The materials of the building were inspired by the eucalypt bushland setting of the campus, with colours and materials reflecting the context. Internally, colour is combined with natural and tactile material finishes assisting with way-finding and access to natural light and views to the surrounding area are provided at every opportunity.