Mango Hill Village Child Care Centre

Mango Hill

The underlying anchor for the design for the Mango Hill Village childcare centre was an understanding that the client’s mantra for their centres is that they become “a home away from home” for the children attending the centre. Responding to the client’s desire for a central point within the centre, the design draws on the idea of a piazza to bring the separate spaces together.

On arrival, families are ushered through an entry space which is intended to soften the transition from the carpark before entering the main piazza of the centre. Moving through into the piazza, children and their families appreciate the sense of community created by shared tables in the covered space. 

The piazza blends the sense of outdoors with the internal spaces, offering moments for informal interactions between families, and staff. The kitchen is located with easy access to the piazza confirming the space as the heart of the centre.

Each of the indoor spaces is intended to be varied, with the size, scale and colour palette of each indoor space responding to each respective age group. Muted tones in indoor spaces for babies contrasts with the more vibrant palette used in spaces occupied by older children. Opening on to the piazza and surrounding outdoor play areas, natural light fills the indoor spaces and gives those spaces context.