MM Townhouse


MM Townhouse is nestled within a larger townhouse complex. The brief was to refurbish and personalise the townhouse interior; to provide our client with a unique and tailored space that would be both a home and a place to make music.

The custom refurbishment of MM Townhouse required an iterative design process, and the result was a strong collaboration between architect, client, contractor & consultants.

As a multi-instrumentalist, our client sought to create a music space that was highly functional, charming, and comfortable, whilst simultaneously being respectful of the surrounding townhouse context. In collaboration with an acoustic engineer, the music room was designed and technically detailed to be soundproof.

An update of the kitchen, laundry and bathroom spaces were all a part of the refurbishment of the townhouse interior. The timber feature ceiling, entry joinery and bench seat nook reactivated the living spaces and the finishes selected will complement the client’s eclectic collection of art and antique furniture. New task & considered feature lighting completed the project.

Photography – Alanna McTiernan