Murrumba Downs AWTP

Pine Rivers

Located in one of the highest population growth areas in South East Queensland, Pine Rivers Shire Council has committed itself to the upgrade of the existing Murrumba Downs Wastewater Treatment Plant. The aim of the upgrade is to provide a large volume of recycled water for industrial use, reduce odour emissions from the plant and improve treatment standards.

We have been directly involved in the design of the Advanced Water Treatment Plant (AWTP) which will produce up to 4 million litres of recycled water daily for nearby industry use.

The challenge of the design was the integration of the multi-faceted new building within the existing plant. Located centrally in an excavated side of the sloping site with access from both the upper and lower roadways, the building (currently under construction) will dually service the site from an upper and lower level.

Consisting of four individual buildings with separate functions, the design brief called for a larger amalgamated building to be integrated into the secluded site. We have used translucent and solid industrial materials that wrap over and around one-another to make reference to the existing wrapped building forms whilst producing a cohesive new age building showcasing the latest in recycled water technology.