MWH Fitout


With the understanding that MWH achieves innovative best practice solutions for power, water and waste water industries of Australia, the interior fit out proposal by Reddog Architects creates a fluid corporate workspace of distinction.

The reception is a dynamic interplay of angular forms, designed to facilitate ease of entry and create and impression of subtle sophistication and warmth. Stepping from the lift, the experience is one of clear direction. The extruded reception desk, a dominant gesture, spears through the space to direct visitors to the waiting space and meeting rooms beyond.

The MWH corporate logo is superimposed onto the wall behind the reception desk. This “larger than life” graphic expression symbolises the company’s dominate worldwide presence and company philosophy.

Planning of the reception allows for seamless entry into the office, as well as screening of the work spaces beyond. The wall of joinery behind the reception desk provides facilities for preparing tea and coffee for the meeting rooms, filing and storage and a secondary utilities area.

Once within the office area the layout of the space follows the idea of a central service core with working zones divided into two pods either side. The service core contains offices, admin staff and utilities which requires access by the staff. Planning allows for two major circulation highways connecting the working pods and for a secondary circulation ring road around the central core zone.