NA House 2


The initial extension and refurbishment of the house began after extensive damage during the 2011 Brisbane floods. This second stage was completed after the 2022 Brisbane floods, in which minimal damage occurred. This was a result of the resilient design strategies employed with the initial design.

Extending across two project stages, the desire of the owners at the outset was to review the overall design of the house and extend it to provide flexible and adaptive spaces. 

The recently completed additions (Stage 2) expanded on the living areas of the house, giving the owners additional living and entertainment areas. This achieved the goals of engaging physically and visually with the backyard whilst respecting the need for the spaces to be flood resilient. The rear addition to the building is orientated north-east and helps achieve the goal of engaging visually with the backyard and the adjacent park.

The material palette is similar to Stage 1 and the landscaping was further enhanced with the addition of a swimming pool to the north.


The under-croft space has multiple purposes, remaining flexible in design, giving the owners the opportunity to benefit from increased living areas that might have otherwise remained unused because of flood risks.  Careful design and the use of low maintenance, authentic materials was particularly important for these spaces. Through deliberate design choices, the overall result for NA House is a resilient, sustainable home.