NA House


This Brisbane residential project emerged from the optimistic approach of a young couple whose Fairfield home was severely damaged in the 2011 Queensland Floods. The owners were determined to find a greater opportunity in the renovation process than a generic raise and restore approach would afford them.

The scheme provides a revised arrival and circulation sequence; which in turn generates a clear public and private logic for the new home. The raised under-croft space becomes a robust masonry plinth to the upper living spaces. The initial intent to replicate the pre-existing deck was interpreted into the detail treatment of the upper level which disintegrates entirely above balustrade height on its north, east and southern perimeter. 

A linear working wall contains all the fixed joinery, plumbing and electrical services to this otherwise uninterrupted open platform. The rear addition to the building is orientated north-east, housing the master bedroom and framing the external terrace below. The extension references the existing roof form, yet remains a clear departure from the original mild-mannered workers cottage.


2013 Queensland Architecture Awards – Brisbane Regional Commendation : Residential Architecture – Houses

2013 Houses Awards – House Alteration & Addition under 200m2

NA House - Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane`


The under-croft space has multiple purposes, remaining flexible in design, giving the owners the opportunity to benefit from increased living areas that might have otherwise remained unused because of flood risks.  Careful design and the use of low maintenance, authentic materials was particularly important for these spaces. Through deliberate design choices, the overall result for NA House is a resilient, sustainable home.

Photography: Jon Linkins