Orion on Rowe Offices


Located on a green field site in Caboolture, the Orion on Rowe Offices development is part of an overall master-planned ‘smart’ community which comprises of a retirement village, specialist disability accommodation, aged care accommodation, individual residences, and townhouse homes. 

This four storey office building and associated carparking is aiming to achieve a five star Green Star rating and will adopt a non-conventional structural system called ptBlink which involves the use of a patented post-tensioned tray technology.

Acknowledging the context, the building’s form is subtracted to establish a recessive welcoming address. A simple building floor shell is dressed in a folding screen which reflects the fine grain landscape and residential context. The scale of the screen considers that it will be experienced at a slower pace and explores the changing light conditions. Operable edges and external areas provide occupants with informal breakout spaces and a connection with climate and place. The external balconies provide a threshold between inside and outside and a layer of protection from the elements. This building will be the entry statement piece to the overall master-planned community.