Park Beach Plaza | IGA Entry

Coffs Harbour

The northern entry to Park Beach Plaza was rejuvenated with a new awning structure and a reconfiguration of the ground plane to allow easier and equitable access to the shopping centre as well as a place for waiting and dining. The inclusion of a restaurant with outdoor dining has further activated this space and created a new destination for patrons.

The generous canopy roof was seen as an extension of the building façade and adopts a bold colour scheme that reflects the centre’s branding. It is also of a scale that it can be seen from the highway and adjacent carpark and provides a new statement piece to the centre.

It has also provided a strong connection to The Shoreline Aged Care development on Arthur Street. Below the awning structure is a carefully orchestrated layout of concrete planters, timber seats and coloured paths which are bathed in light from the circular skylights in the soffit. This provides patrons with a place to meander through, to gather or to eat whilst protected from the harsh coastal winds and sun. This outdoor covered space perfectly mediates between an ongrade carpark and the shopping mall and softens the transition between internal and external.