Richlands East Child Care Centre


Underpinning the design for Richlands East Childcare Centre was a requirement from the client to create a centre with an environment that “encourages cultural awareness, environmental sustainability, independence and fosters healthy relationships”.

Responding to the client’s desire for a centre that fosters healthy relationships, the design creates a welcoming entryway opening into a central space which connects each of the learning and play spaces.

A sense of community is created through the use of shared meal tables in a covered space. The kitchen is located with easy access to the covered space.

The design blends the internal spaces with the outdoors, offering moments for informal interactions between families, and staff.

Each of the indoor spaces is intended to be varied, with the size, scale and colour palette of each indoor space responding to each respective age group. Muted tones in indoor spaces for babies contrasts with the more vibrant palette used in spaces occupied by older children. Opening on to the central communal area and surrounding outdoor play areas, natural light fills the indoors which enriches the quality of the spaces.