Sesame Lane

The architectural design of Sesame Lane Child Care Centre reinforces the company’s values of care, learning, health, play and community.

The entry structure provides a welcoming civic gesture. From here the journey from carpark to the interior is softened via a series of entry spaces which flow seamlessly from a covered meeting plaza into the foyer, an elongated breakout terrace, screened portico, veranda and culminate in an outdoor room. These spaces blend the landscape and internal spaces, offer moments for experimental play and informal interactions between families, staff and the community. 

Importantly these in-between zones provide a non-confrontational ‘breathing space’ for children and their parents at the sometimes anxious moments of transition at the beginning and end of the day. Civic typologies such as the amphitheatre, plaza, town square and café are explored at a reduced scale which is accessible to younger uses but appealing to adult staff and carers. Relocating and refurbishing the kitchen as the heart of the centre provides opportunities for day to day learning as well as special community events. Functional ‘pods’ cluster around the outdoor play space, creating safe and active edges with a variety of scales and textures.