Simpson House Extension


This pre-1946 house has undergone a number of changes over the years and unfortunately no longer adequately caters for the family of six. Setback substantially from the street the challenge was to create an entry that was well presented and easily identifiable.

A formalised entry was created with access to the northern side of the house terminating at an entry door placed strategically where the old meets the new. This transition from old to new was handled with a lightwell and circulation spine running north-south. Within this transition zone are the stairs to both floors, a corridor providing access to living spaces upstairs and a large two storey glass wall facing east. As one enters the house a glimpse is provided of the new courtyard space on the northern side of the house and immediately there is a connection between the outdoors and indoors which previously was non existent.

The two storey glass wall allows light to flood both upper and lower floor living spaces as well as providing a visual and physical connection to the courtyard and pool area. Along the southern edge an extruded box which includes a new kitchen, living spaces and a deck area, cantilevers towards the pool and courtyard area. The courtyard area was a direct response to providing useable outdoor space, allowing the house to breather and re-connecting the pool area to the entertaining spaces of the house.

This design respects the character of the intact components of the existing house as well as opening up the house to prevailing breezes, natural daylight and previously ignored outdoor spaces.

SIMPSON HOUSE EXTENSION- Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane
SIMPSON HOUSE EXTENSION- Reddog Architects Award Winning Architects Brisbane

Photography: Jon Linkins