SM Residence

Calypso Bay

In the canal suburbs of the Gold Coast, homes are provided two public frontages. In this new subdivision the street context consists of large as yet sparsely placed houses which reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of the design covenant and engage minimally with the street. The canal edge is a landscape of pontoons and pools where the majority of residents spend their time. Within this setting the question becomes how to both mitigate and engage with these contexts to provide a range of public, private, indoor, outdoor and hierarchically ambiguous spaces.

The H plan typology provided the opportunity for private outdoor spaces in the heart of the building, protected from the strong south-westerly winds. Via courtyards rooms are provided a release to the outdoors and the opportunity for cross ventilation.

Private rooms adjacent these courtyards are imbued with an enhanced perception of scale and solar access more often associated with the public rooms of a house. As such the intended functions of rooms become ambiguous; offices and spare bedrooms could equally become secondary living spaces or libraries.

Flexibility was a key factor in the design of this house for a young professional. This home is equally suited to the role of peaceful retreat by the water, bachelor pad for entertaining, sharehouse, family home or home office.


2011 AIA Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Awards – Gold Coast / Northern Rivers Regional Commendation

Photography: Jon Linkins