The Arthur

Coffs Harbour

Arthur Street is undergoing a major transformation with the completion of the adjacent The Shoreline luxury retirement living and premium aged care development. The development will improve and activate the streetscape, setting a new benchmark for residential accommodation and retirement care facilities in Coffs Harbour. This building will provide multi-residential accommodation which will compliment the adjacent development as well as offering accommodation for staff that will work at The Shoreline.

Respecting the local context has been a strong consideration in the design of this project.

The site sits between a shopping centre on the south, residential apartments and single dwellings along Arthur Street and aged care accommodation to the east. Walking and cycling to the shopping centre and the beachside (Park Beach) are supported and encouraged. The materiality and form of the building design has taken cues from neighbouring buildings and its beachside context. The form of the building is also broken up as a way of reducing the scale of the building as further respect for neighbouring residential buildings that range from single to three storeys in height. The building form facing San Francisco Avenue has a more formal and bolder scale to align with the six-storey aged care building on the opposite side of the road.


The building meets all the necessary requirements for the Apartment Design Guidelines and Sepp65. The building is orientated on an east-west axis with units facing north and south. The units and the central foyer spaces all benefit from good natural daylighting and living spaces are directly adjacent well sized balconies. Solar photovoltaics will be across the majority of the roof which will be utilised for power supply to the building.