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Coffs Harbour

Headland Terraces has been designed with aspect and orientation being the key feature of the design outcome, resulting in units that respond positively to the character of the area, landscaping and the surrounding built form. At the same time, careful attention was given to the orientation of the other buildings that form part of The Shoreline preventing any overshadowing issues and ensures units maintain privacy to their private open spaces.

At higher levels of Headland Terraces, there are significant views to the north towards Macauleys Headland, to the south towards Jetty Beach, and to the west towards the Great Dividing Range.

The secured resident entry to the building is characterised by a strong point of address with sits opposite the RCF and the Community Building. The entry acts as a pinwheel to the centre of the site and aligns with the podium that sits at the upper level. This assists with legibility and allows people to enter a calming and comfortable environment, before they arrive at their unit entries. These spaces allow for social interaction, via a point of respite and will be complimented with a circular feature garden, soft landscaping, and subtle changes of flooring from inside to outside. These spaces are at a human scale with a variety of ceiling and soffit heights, soft landscaping and layering of authentic material finishes such as stone and timber.

The articulation of the Headland Terraces facades is characterised by layering materials, articulated openings and a variety of vertical and horizontal elements. These all contribute to reducing the buildings mass and creating a more human scale. The façade of the tower middle is broken up with expressed joints, metal screens and deep recessed balconies.

Photographer – Andy MacPherson

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