Tower House

Camp Hill, Brisbane

Located in Camp Hill this new build was on a block that would afford views to the Brisbane city skyline. This informed the design decision to provide a roof top deck and create the ‘Tower House’. As a 4 bedroom house it is intended to accommodate a young family, and features a variety of living and entertaining spaces on various levels.

Project details

 The site depth was quite shallow; the design addressed this by reducing the building setback (to the longer street edge) to allow for a landscaped pool terrace to the rear of the site.

The extensive use of oversized glass doors, windows and louvres allow for a visual and physical connection to the natural surroundings. The living spaces occupy the ground floor to strengthen this connection to the landscape. The sleeping spaces located on the mid-floor allow for privacy as well as physical separation to the ‘hub’ of the house. A second living space on the mid-level provides direct access to the roof top terrace as well as a visual connection over the pool terrace.

The building form is broken up with deep recessed balcony spaces, large window hoods and wide overhangs which also assist with shading and weather protection. High ceilings and double height spaces were incorporated to achieve good cross ventilation and natural daylighting to all spaces. The house’s material palette is a direct response to the character of the area with a masonry base and lighter weight materials for the upper floor. Internally the spaces adopt cool lighter colours and materials such as polished concrete and Spotted Gum hardwood flooring, stone benchtops, custom joinery and matte black fittings to respond to a subtropical climate and a modern aesthetic.

Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones