Wynnum Water Reclamation Plant


Wynnum WRP is located on a prominent bend of Port Drive at the Port of Brisbane, the Wynnum Water Reclamation Plant is an exposed building form for passers by and a point of surveillance for the building users. 

This site prominence formed the concept of a 24hr building. As the building’s processes are a 24/7 production, we felt the building should evolve with the continuous process. Day versus night sees a transformation in the building from a solid structured skin to a transparent skeletal structure.

The heavy plinth of the building grounds the form with the exposed structure emerging up from this plinth. The structure is clad on the internal edge with translucent sheeting for chemical protection purposes. The metal roof form folds down the sides of the building encasing the building in a weatherproof skin.

This building is an innovative project for Brisbane Water and the brief required an innovative design to manage the technical requirements of the process machinery to be housed within the facility. We worked closely with the alliance of consultants to provide a sustainable building for the end user.