NL house - Reddog Award Winning Architects Brisbane

NL House is an extension to a brick and weatherboard home for a young family and grandparents in Carina Heights, Brisbane. Functionally the brief was to add a master bedroom, children’s bedroom and a flexible living space. In addition to this a formalised entry sequence and connection with the landscape was provided to define a clear public, and private, logic to the existing house.


The new extension is envisioned as taking on the materials and form of the old and twisting them into a new contextual response. The existing house sat awkwardly within the site resulting in a large portion being unused and ignored. The new insertion activates the entire site by providing opportunities for engagement through defined courtyards and controlled views.


The existing ridge line is split in two creating a dynamic form which appropriates the sites location as the corner-stone to the neighbourhood. This feature has also been expressed internally, with the ceilings mimicking the roof line to create generous and intriguing spaces within.


NL - Reddog Award Winning Architects Brisbane
NL - Reddog Award Winning Architects Brisbane