This extension to a Queenslander is the result of a multi-layered response to site and client. The existing Queenslander had been lovingly restored, in part by the previous owner. The existing bullnose verandah and single skin VJ walls had been carefully reinstated and the original kitchen hearth remained intact. The desire to maintain these historic details was offset against the need to improve solar access and connection to the landscape.

The new work engages meaningfully and directly with the environment and captures winter sun and summer breezes. The honest expression of materiality and dramatic shifts in volume characterise its expression. It was decided to maintain the existing house’s connection to the street resulting in a rear extension that weaves across the site, defining and engaging with two new external courtyards.


The home is organised in two wings; one new and grounded, and one existing and lightweight, which connect around a new living space. The new wing is for the owners, a couple who are looking to settle in to their ‘forever’ home. The existing half can be used independently by their adult children, closed down or used by guests or family without inhibiting the operation of the rest of the home.

A small roof top tower is scaled to accommodate small groups or individual occupation and is accessed by a covert stair. This space captures views of the distant suburb and surrounding landscape and provides the client with a playful and memorable private retreat.


Christopher Frederick Jones