Thinking about building or renovating your home?

Whether you are looking to extend your existing living space or creating your dream home, we are here to help and support you every step of the way. At Reddog we provide a personally tailored process to suit the scale and nature of your project and each of the stages along the journey.

So what are those stages and what does the architectural process look like? From the preliminary information gathering stage all the way through the construction of your new home or renovation, each step is important. To help bring some clarity to the process, these are the stages required for most projects:

Project Stages

Masterplanning is the creation of a framework with information about your site and where and how it sits in the landscape.  It can include our observations and analysis of your site, existing infrastructure, etc.  It is a dynamic document that provides a conceptual layout for the future development of your project.  During this conceptual stage we consider the site and how it can be developed to meet your vision for your project now and moving into the future.

In creating the Masterplan we will meet you onsite to discuss your project ideas and consider those plans in light of future demands of the area, your site and your personal circumstances – aiming to maximise quality of life with smart design.

Masterplan examples

In the schematic design phase, in collaboration with you, we start to formulate ideas.  We design and prepare the concepts for your project which can include sketches, diagrams and other information to explain the design for your approval. Sketch designs provides you with clear visual images of your residential design.  We will meet with you to present and walk you through the sketch designs so that you can understand the design and can ask questions.

Schematic design examples

Ideas for the individual spaces and components of your house are developed in design development – we are detailing the key areas of your design. We expand and progress plans, elevations and sections in terms of materiality, finishes and fittings. This stage can include the completion of scale drawings indicating furniture layout and accurate material locations.

Design Development

In construction documentation detailed plans, elevations and sections are completed for the builder to follow.  Internal elevations and details and schedules of the finishes, fixtures and fittings for your project are all finalised and documented. This stage may also include liaising with private certifiers to obtain Building Approval requirements.

Construction design

Once the construction documentation is complete, construction can begin. We are experienced contract administrators and can work with you across all the phases of construction – coordinating all the consultants, suppliers and trades needed to make your project come to life.

contract administration

How to get started

We start the process by getting to know you and your project ideas.

As a first step we will meet with you to  help us gain a preliminary understanding of you and your project goals.  As part of this meeting we discuss your ideal home character as well as the functional requirements needed in your home. We look at how sustainability strategies can become part of your project and the broader parameters of your project.

To help you start to consider the various elements of your project, you might like to complete our pre-design questionnaire prior to meeting with us. It is something we will work through with you in our first meeting but this may assist you to gather your thoughts.

Pre-design questionnaire

Pre-design Consultation

The first step in the process will be a pre-design consultation. Typically this meeting will be for 1 – 2 hours as we gain an understanding of your site and the potential of the space to meet your project goals. We will meet you on site for this consultation (although we are happy to arrange an in-office or zoom meeting if you prefer). 

Based on our discussions and our site observations following our visit, we will determine with you which of our services will be most suited to you and your project. Our post-meeting proposal is tailored to your project and will include a confirmation of the design brief as well as our fees and terms and conditions. Please note, there is no creation of a design sketch or plan in the pre-design consultation.