Sustainability at Reddog

We are committed to working towards our goal of creating a sustainable future. We are consistently seeking ways to meet the needs of our society without damaging the earth’s ecological boundaries. Working with our clients and suppliers we are committed to designing buildings that exist within a larger self-sustaining system.

Architects Declare

Reddog Architects was one of the many Australian practices to join the global Architects Declare movement in 2019. We joined on 30 July 2019.


Our Sustainability Action Plan was developed as a collaborative effort from everyone at Reddog. The implementation of this plan across our practice is part of our commitment towards all eleven principles of the Architects Declare movement.

Our Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability strategies

Sustainability stategies part 1 Passive Design
sustainability strategies energy
reduce reuse recycle

Sustainability – through our designs, our approach and the way we work – is incredibly important to everyone at Reddog. We firmly believe that our environment is fragile and now is the time to solve some of the sustainability challenges facing us all. To help communicate how we can all make a difference, we have created (and continue to create) a series of articles introducing and discussing how sustainability can be achieved in architecture.

The first in our series looks at the general idea of Passive Design. The second in the series looks at how adopting passive design principles can effectively reduce a building’s energy consumption.

Other topics covered in our series include a review of materials including timber and brick and exploring the idea of resilient design.

Our journey to carbon neutral

In joining Architects Declare we committed to a three step process to becoming carbon neutral. We feel it is our responsibility to take ownership for our future and our planet’s future. Our three step journey has been to

(1) convert to 100% green power,

(2) conduct a carbon audit,

(3) go carbon neutral.

In our latest Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment, comparing the current assessment to the base year assessment conducted in FY 2019/20,  we has decreased our emissions over time by -15.3%, or -4.5 tCO2-e on a on a like for like (LfL) basis (where only activities measured in both assessment are compared).

Watch a presentation about our journey to carbon neutral